Adhesive Remover

• Removes sticky residue from tape, labels, and other adhesives
• Safe for variety of glass, metals, plastics, and rubbers
• Neutral pH formula with surfactants and corrosion inhibitors 

D-Lime 25

• Concentrated solution to remove lime and other hardwater deposits
• Acidic formulation for rapid removal
• Recommended for metal and stainless equipment and machines

Rust and Stain Remover

• Effective rust and stain remover
• No rinsing required 
• Recommended for metal surfaces, medical and surgical instruments 

Neutralizing Rinse

• Concentrated neutralizing solution
• Essential for instruments post-surgery
• Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors


• Natural formulation breaks down grease and waste
• Non-corrosice chemicals allow for safe use on all plumbing and piping
• Assists with odor elimination during cleaning process

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