Vintage Chemical Inc. formulates, blends and packages many products serving multiple industries from healthcare to industrial and consumer markets. Our exceptional formulas are a great option, yet we are able to customize or create new formulas for specific needs or applications. Some highlighted products currently being manufactured at our facility include surface cleaners, disinfectants, enzyme based medical detergents, lubricating and ultrasound jellies in tubes, lubricating gel pouches and sanitizers. 

Vintage Chemical has the ability to package a vast number of sizes. Packaging can range from bulk totes and drums to smaller packaging such as 2oz or 18ml bottles.  Our packaging capabilities also include squeeze tube packaging, pouches and wipe packets. In addition, we also fill soap and sanitizer bags and dispensers for use in the institutional or industrial fields. Vintage Chemical is able accommodate an endless amount of varying sizes or specific bottle designs.

Vintage Chemical is also expanding its consumer market with all-natural pond and lagoon cleaners and dyes.  Using environmentally friendly enzymes to help clear up muck and debris in ponds.

All manufacturing is done in a facility located in Fort Wayne, IN and is US EPA and FDA registered.